Happy Canvas is a content creation company located in Ho Chi Minh City.    Our focus is on development and production of feature films and digital content for the local market with universal appeal.   We strive to collaborate with innovative storytellers to position ourselves to the forefront of entertainment in an exciting and new market.

Recent Highlights

Chi Chi Em Em (2019)

Distributed by CGV Suspense, Thriller

Thriller | 2019 (Vietnam)

“Chị Chị Em Em” – tưởng chị em trong nhà hóa ra là dối trá. Miệng thốt lời mật ngọt mà trong tay là dao găm đâm lén. Liệu chị chị em em mùi mẫn tới bao giờ? Cuộc đấu ngập mùi drama này dự kiến oanh tạc phòng vé vào mùa đông năm nay!

The Housemaid (2016)

Released in US by IFC Films (February 2018)

| Horror, Romance | 16 September 2016 (Vietnam)

When an orphaned Vietnamese girl is hired to be a housemaid at a haunted rubber plantation in 1953 French Indochina, she unexpectedly falls in love with the French landowner and awakens the vengeful ghost of his dead wife… who is out for blood.

  • Special Jury Award (LAFF)  – Nhung Kate (Best Actress)
  • Highest Box Office (Vietnamese Horror)
  • Macau International Film Festival 2016
  • Los Angeles Film Festival 2017 (North American Premier)

How to Fight in Six Inch Heels (2013)

A neurotic junior fashion designer from New York discovers her fiancé, KIET, working overseas in Vietnam may be having an affair with a supermodel. With jealousy burning and her wedding date on the horizon, she conjures up a scheme to achieve the ultimate makeover, investigate the supermodels and infiltrate the high-fashion world of Saigon in order to catch him in the act. But her plan backfires when she really befriends the three supermodels and discovers that there is more to life than living through a series of checklists.

  • Opening Night Film – CAAMFEST (San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival) 2014
  • Silver Kite Award – Best Picture 2014
  • Golden Kite Award –  Best Actress, Kathy Uyen 2014
  • US Theatrical Release 2015